About Centerville DI

Destination ImagiNation® is a non-profit, community-based and school friendly program for students from kindergarten through college that builds participant’s creativity, problem solving, and teamwork skills. Students work cooperatively on a team of up to 7 people and push the limits of imagination to better themselves. The learning process also teaches team and self-reliance, as all challenges must be TEAM SOLVED!

The goal of our program is to provide opportunities for kids to explore and discover unlimited creative potential through teamwork, cooperation, and mutual respect. Our program encourages competence in, enthusiasm for, and commitment to real-life problem solving. The key to the Destination ImagiNation® program is discovering and applying the process of Creative Problem Solving.

Our program is supported by the parents through the CDI Parent Support Group.  This group's main purpose is to support DI in our community by sponsoring events, communications and fundraising.  If you are interested in becoming part of the CDI Parent Support Group click Contact Us and drop us a line!