FAQs (frequently asked questions....)

Q: What is DI?

A: The Centerville DI program is a school and community-based program run by volunteers, parents and Centerville City school employees for over 30 years! The goal of our program is to provide opportunities for kids to explore and discover unlimited creative potential through teamwork, cooperation, and mutual respect. Our program encourages competence in, enthusiasm for, and commitment to real-life problem solving.

Q: How does it work? 

A: First, parents of interested students must attend a DI Parent Information Meeting held in late August. Placement workshops are held at PVN, PVS, all elementary and middle schools. High school students usually form teams on their own however; at the beginning of the school year there is a meeting for those who want to participate to form teams. Parents and students must sign and return the DI contract in order to be “officially” added to the team roster.

Q: How much does it cost?

A:  The participation fee for Centerville DI is $120 for competitive challenges or $95 for Early Learning (formerly Rising Stars) with a $290 family max  for families with more than 2 children. This fee includes

  • Centerville Schools’ pay-to-participate fee,
  • a DI t-shirt,
  • a DI team picture,
  • registration fees for Regional Tournament,
  • DIssert Banquet,
  • administrative costs,
  • and support of State and Global Tournaments.

If a team advances to State or Global Tournaments, costs will be greater. Centerville DI wants every child to have an opportunity to participate. Fundraising activities are available for team or families.

Q: How are teams formed?

A: Each building has a DI Building Coordinator who organizes the team formation process for that building. To see how they come up with solutions, students are given a variety of challenges. Centerville DI attempts to build well-balanced teams based on student interests, talents and skill sets, teamwork, age, and availability—not “super teams.” The number of teams formed depends entirely on the number of Team Managers who volunteer. The Centerville DI Team Contract must be signed and turned in before a student may meet with a team.

Q: What are DI teams like?

A: DI teams consist of 5-7 members from the same school building (not necessarily the same grade) and are led by a trained volunteer who serves as the team’s Manager. Teams get a list of Team Challenges from National DI to choose from, and they must pick one and work to solve it in a creative way. The team’s solution to the Challenge is then presented creatively (in skit format) at the regional tournament in March. A second component of DI involves the Instant Challenge, which involves solving a task-based or performance-based challenge on the spot.


Q: What about supervision? How often do they meet?

A: Each team has a team manager who helps to keep the team on track, but does not offer solutions. Team Managers supervise the teams to ensure no one gets hurt, team members are following the guidelines, and to ask questions.  Teams meeting schedules are up to the team and the team manager. There is no set time or place for all area DI teams to meet. Meetings can be held in a room the team’s school lets them use or at the Team Manager’s house ~ whatever works for the team! You do need to have a commitment to it once your team is officially formed, though, for if any member of the team drops out after that team is formed, he or she cannot be replaced if he or she was the seventh member.

Q: Is my child is too young for DI?

A: DI has something for every school age child. The youngest DI members are Rising Stars!® Rising stars provide an introduction to creativity and problem-solving for children in grades K-2. Rising Stars present their solutions at the Region 12 Tournament and receive feedback but are not scored.

Q: How can I help?

A: The idiom, many hands make light work, is our mantra. Our program doesn't exist without volunteers.  We need help from every parent.  Whether you can help a little or a lot, we need your help!

  • Volunteer for the Parent Support Group Board. This group is responsible for fundraising and suporting the Centerville DI program.
  • Volunteer as a team manager. It’s a great way to spend time with your child. Training and support are available so you’ll have everything you need. Remember, the number of Volunteers = the number of DI teams
  • Help your TM. Just a few ways you can help are to: Offer to be your team's Parent Support Group Rep., Help out during a meeting, bring snacks or supplies, and carpool.  
  • Finally, you can always help by supporting your child. Ask questions. Show interest. Take time and listen.

Q: My question isn't listed here. What do I do now?

 A: Click Contact Us and enter your question,the best method and time to contact you. We will route your question to the person who can best answer your question for response.