All Centerville DI teams need to complete the following 4 forms and submit online by NOVEMBER 28:

Once these forms are submitted you will receive a confirmation that all materials have been received and are complete. If you are missing ANY data from any of the 4 forms you will be notified that you need to correct/add information. Once everything is complete, Dee Gordon, Centerville DI DIstrict Coordinator, will receive notification that you have completed the online portion of the Region 12 registration.

DO NOT SEND ANY PAYMENT TO REGION 12! The Centerville DI Parent Support Group pays all registration fees for teams IF ALL MATERIALS ARE COMPLETE BY NOVEMBER 28. If your team's Region 12 registration is not complete by NOVEMBER 28, you/your team will be responsible for the extra and/or late fee imposed by the Region 12 governing board.

If you have any questions or problems with registration, you may contact:
Region 12 at or 


In addition to submitting the REGION 12 REGISTRATION forms to the left, you will need to turn in a copy of the SINCLAIR WAIVER FORM signed by each parent and child. You will receive a customized form for all team members with your registration confirmation from Region 12.  Alternatively, there is a blank form below that you may use. Return this form to your BUILDING COORDINATOR by NOVEMBER 28.